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History of Doraemon and His Friends
A cat-like robot from the 22nd century -- Doraemon, was created by Fujimoto Hiroshi and Motoo Abiko in 1969-70. He is 129.3 cm tall and 129.3 kg. He has a pocket of the fourth dimension at his stomach. His favorite food is dorayaki, which is a sweet bean paste filled bun, and his birthday is 2112-9-3. Many people gave him a very cute nickname called "Ding Dong". He is scared of mice and also rats, because his ears were bitten off by rats. He became so popular and famous after the cartoon & comic followed the life of Nobita. Doraemon was sent back to the 20th century because Nobita's grandson can't bear to see his grandfather suffers. So he sent Doraemon to help out with Nobita's troubles.

Dorami is Doraemon's little sister. Her ears were not bitten by rats that's why the color of her body is different than Doraemon. Actually she looks the same as Doraemon since her color of her body is yellow in which Doreamon is blue. She has almost the same characteristics as Doraemon, including the fourth dimensional pocket. She is nice and not as grouchy as Doraemon. She does not live with Doraemon, but she appears in a situations which Doraemon cannot control.

Nobita Nobi, is the main character in the story. He is a pretty irresponsible boy. He has every single bad habits such as getting 0's on the tests, being late for school and don't even spends time on his school works. It really hinders his chances of getting hooked up with Shizuka. In the future, Nobita and Shizuka are set to be married, but it seems like Shizuka is too good for Nobita. Nobita always interrupts Shizuka while she is taking a bath. He always wants Doraemon to get him whenever he is in troubles.

Shizuka is the only main girl character in the comic. She is adorable by many people, especially Nobita, Jyian, and Suneo. Of course it doesn't really matter because she is setted to marry Nobita in the future. Shizuka LOVES to take baths, about every ten minutes when she's at home. She has a very gentle girl and also a very caring person. She is a very good student, and always did good in school.

Jyian is tough and strong and has a terrible singing voice. He and Suneo always picking on Nobita, he is often jealous of Nobita and Suneo because of all the things they have. So he oftens stole their stuff and tortures them. He loves to read comic books, and his grades are terrible too, but not as bad as Nobita's. He always makes troubles.

Honekawa Suneo is a fox-faced creep. He lies and cheats in every way through his life. He is quite bright, if you watch the videos you'll see his knowledge is pretty extraordinary. He is spoiled, so he has everything he wants, but he wants Doraemon to live with him and give him some advantages. His best friend is Jyian. He loves to pick on Nobita and get him into trouble, he has a secret crush on Shizuka. Though he is a braggert and a snob, his true kindness really stands out in some of the Doraemon videos. Of course eventually he goes back to his old ways.

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